Our values guide the way we work with clients, the kind of recommendations and solutions we put forward, and our way of doing business.

Honesty and integrity

This is fundamental to us and goes much further than living up to a set of professional standards. This means, for example, that we:

  • Agree clear expectations and deliver on our commitments
  • Say what we believe even if this means challenging strongly held views
  • Behave ethically and stay true to our values
  • Avoid conflicts of interest
  • Behave honestly and transparently with regards to our fees

Continuous Learning

Being seen as an established expert can become an obstacle to learning. The remedies are curiosity, challenge and change. This means, for example, that we:

  • Continuously look for new ideas and better ways of doing things
  • Seek out experts who can improve or extend our knowledge
  • Assign time to research, developing innovative ideas and new methods
  • Ask for feedback from clients and colleagues
  • Review and evaluate what we do

Empathy & Understanding

Relationships are the foundation for everything we do. You can look to us for understanding, support and respect. This means, for example, that we:

  • Listen and work hard to understand each individual, their needs and concerns
  • Treat everyone with respect
  • Believe feelings are as important as facts
  • Address difficult topics sensitively and with consideration for the feelings of others
  • Care about the needs, concerns and well-being of our clients and colleagues

Commercial focus

So much of the work we do brings together apparent paradoxes – family and business, tradition and innovation. We have a profound belief in integrating a passion for human relationships and the rewards of business success. This means, for example, that we:

  • Focus on the business and financial implications of our clients’ plans or decisions
  • Stay connected to a network of world-class experts in commercial matters relating to our client work
  • Stay vigilant in seeking opportunities to optimise or grow the assets or business of our clients
  • Provide imaginative ideas to enable clients to implement financially rewarding plans